Percy is a small engine.


  • Season 1 - Trevor's New Coat of Paint (not seen), Daisy in Distress (cameo), Runaway Trucks, Percy and Terence and Percy's Plight
  • Season 2 - A Job for James, Lazy Wheels (does not speak), Percy's Spooky Tooth and Behind Schedule
  • Season 3 - Looking Splendid, The Brown Bear (mentioned), Daisy and the Fish, Harvest Time (does not speak), Dressing Up and The Christmas Sacks
  • Season 4 - The Easter Cake! (cameo), The Umbrella (does not speak), Puzzles, The Cloud Factory! and The Dodgems
  • Season 5 - Think Pink (does not speak), Thomas and the Tram Car (cameo), Oliver's Mistake and Bulgy's Dream
  • Season 6 - The Flower Train and Grumpy George
  • Season 7 - The Flying Broomstick, The UFO and The Trainspotters
  • Season 8 - I Spy with my Little Eye, The Balloon Race, A Puzzle for Percy, James' Hotel, The Runaway Percy and Rhyming Engines
  • Season 9 - Pink Cows (not seen), Percy and the Trucks, There and Back, Percy's Stories and The Camel Train