Season 4 first aired on October the 1st 2014.


  1. A Hole's One - The Fat Controller proves that he is good at golf.
  2. Trusty Thomas - Thomas thinks Stephen and Bridget are not his friends anymore.
  3. The Easter Cake! - Lady Hatt needs to bake a cake for the annual engine crew's meeting.
  4. A Friend's Party - The Fat Controller's afternoon off does not go according to plan.
  5. The Umbrella - Heavy rain gets the better of Thomas as well as the Hatt family.
  6. Misbehaving - Some trucks make Stephen and Bridget cross.
  7. Puzzles - Stephen and Bridget's visit to the workshops gives them a surprise.
  8. Station Mystery - The Fat Controller is upset.
  9. A Old Friend - Annie and Clarabel are upset that one of their friends is going to be scrapped.
  10. Special Bus Service - A big red bus boasts that he is better than Bertie.
  11. The Best Bus - Thomas and Bertie meet a new face to the roads.
  12. The Cloud Factory! - Gordon calls Percy small.
  13. The Dodgems - Percy takes the dodgems to the funfair.