Season 7 first aired on April the 1st 2014.


  1. Sodor Rock - Gordon gets a surprise when he arrives at the quarry.
  2. The Flying Broomstick - Halloween comes to Sodor.
  3. Skarloey and Santa - Sir Handel does not believe in Santa.
  4. The UFO - Percy is unsure about what he saw in the sky.
  5. The Trainspotters - Percy takes two children to the airfield.
  6. Thomas the Magician - Thomas gets worried when his trucks and the Breakdown Train disappear.
  7. A Grumpy Christmas - George causes havoc whilst on the snowy roads.
  8. Rusty and the Cheeky Boys - Rusty gets teased by some schoolboys.
  9. That Caps it All - Gordon's guard has a problem with his cap.
  10. James and Edward - James does not like working in the rain.
  11. The Strongest - Gordon tries to do what George can do.
  12. The Twins - Both pairs of twin engines finally meet each other.
  13. The Smugglers - Duck is puzzled about a boat covered in leaves.