Season 8 first aired on June the 1st 2015.


  1. I Spy with my Little Eye - There is more play and less work amongst the engines.
  2. James and the Cheese - James is less than impressed to be taking cheese to market.
  3. Whirly and Windy - Oliver gets too hot.
  4. The Balloon Race - The Wellsworth Cub Scouts have a balloon race.
  5. A Puzzle for Percy - Percy has a top-secret job.
  6. The Greenhouse Bus! - Bulgy is tired of being a henhouse.
  7. James' Hotel! - James breaks down outside a hotel.
  8. The Runaway Percy - Percy is afraid of being scrapped.
  9. The Scarecrow Competition! - A farmer needs help.
  10. Duck meets Duck - Duck has a duck for a friend.
  11. Rhyming Engines - Rhymes are made amongst the engines.
  12. Tunnel Trouble - S. C. Ruffey pretends to be ill.
  13. Trevor's Present - Thomas discovers that Trevor is lonely.