Season 9 first aired on August the 1st 2015.


  1. Special Places - Thomas helps the other engines feel special.
  2. Pink Cows - Percy thinks that strawberry milk comes from pink cows.
  3. Flag Day - Thomas and Bertie have a race with a difference.
  4. Percy and the Trucks - Percy learns the hard way not to listen to Diesel.
  5. Bulstrode the Engine - Bulstrode's dream to take passengers comes true.
  6. There and Back - Thomas breaks down at the starting line.
  7. Special Treats - The engines learn what "special treats" really means.
  8. The Mystery Tour - Bertie goes the wrong way.
  9. The Blue Engine Club - Thomas, Edward, and Gordon form their own club.
  10. Percy's Stories - Percy tells very silly stories to the other engines.
  11. The Camel Train - Percy breaks a siderod whilst pulling camels, but the camels get the job done.
  12. What to Do? - A message for Gordon gets mixed up.
  13. Sea Sick - James goes to the Mainland by boat.